Cowen Events

The Cowen Group’s events supports our clients in cultivating leaders and providing market intelligence through the production of in-person and virtual thought leadership roundtables and seminars. Our thought leadership events assist in elevating and accelerating the thinking of executives in this rapidly growing space. Networking and collaborating with the right peers and professionals elevates the careers of the talent we represent.

The Cowen Group produces 45 events a year across the United States in an effort to elevate and accelerate the careers of the professionals that we work with. Now more than ever, connecting with the right people at the right level is critical to your career success. You are the average of the 5 people around you. Level up.

Available Cities

Where’s David?

Thought Leadership Dinners 
Dallas, TX – July 19, 2018
Houston, TX – July 20, 2018
Los Angeles, CA – September 24, 2018
Boston, MA – October 17, 2018
Dallas, TX – October 25, 2018
Detroit, MI – November 27, 2018

Women to Know Breakfasts

Houston, TX – July 20, 2018

Chicago, IL – July 25, 2018

Boston, MA – October 18, 2018

Benchmark Events

ILTA Kickoff Breakfast – August 20, 2018

ILTA W2K Kickoff Breakfast – August 21, 2018

The SOLID Summit Series

SOLID East Tech Showcase, New York City – September 12, 2018
SOLID East, New York City – September 13, 2018
SOLID London – November 7, 2018
SOLID West, San Francisco – March 7, 2019
SOLID Hong Kong – June 3-4, 2019

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Thought Leadership Dinner Series

The Cowen Group has created a cohort of over 250 corporate counsel, legal entrepreneurs and innovation leaders from top law firms and corporate legal departments. Our dinner series brings them together to discuss innovation, challenges and solutions to problems corporate legal and law firms are facing. We discuss how these legal entrepreneurs are driving change in their organizations, the rate of change, who is doing what, why and how, and how we can all collectively get from now to next. 

Our Executive Dinner Series is nation-wide, taking place in the various cities shown in the map above, with 8-12 corporate and law firm executive leadership and general counsel attending each dinner. Our Legal Entrepreneur Dinner Series takes place monthly in New York City, with 10-15 corporate and law firm exeucitve innovation leaders and general counsel attending each dinner.

Thought Leadership Breakfast Series

Our thought leadership breakfast series supports our Women to Know program in elevating and accelerating the careers and leadership of women (and men too) in the legal industry through round-table breakfast workshops around the country. Each city has 15-30 senior legal executives in attendance.

Benchmark Events

The Cowen Group hosts 80-100 senior legal executives at both our Kickoff State of the Union and Women to Know Breakfast events at conferences throughout the year, such as CLOC, ILTA and LegalTech NY.

The SOLID Summit Series


SOLID the Summit On Legal Innovation and Disruption is an interactive SOLID Talk exchange of ideas by doers, innovators and disruptors in the business of law. Speakers and participants inform, instruct and inspire one another to design and apply solutions that will elevate and accelerate their careers from now to next. Our daylong summit consists of 15 TED-style ‘SOLID talks’ around innovation and advanced technology, combined with table discussions, town halls, sprint-panels and fireside chats. The SOLID audience is limited to 225 guests, comprised of 70% corporate legal executives and general counsels, 20% law firm executives and counsel, and 10% allied professionals.


SOLID Working Groups

SOLID Working Groups allow summit attendees and additional legal executives to converse, ask questions, and share knowledge around the most pressing issues, pain points, challenges and barriers that leaders are facing in the legal technology industry. From this collaborative work, our 4 working groups continuously evolve and sprint for 6 months producing work-product that informs, instructs and inspires the community. Our working groups are comprised of over 125 industry thought leaders from law firms and corporations across the United States.

Defining the Chief Innovation Officer Role

Objective: In an effort to define the new and evolving CINO role more clearly, this group will evaluate the core skills, competencies, knowledge and experience it takes to be successful within this role. The group will highlight specifics regarding authority, responsibility and resources this positions is tasked with.

NextGEN Models for the Business of Law

Objective: As a product of our very first SOLID East in September of 2017, this group is now in it’s second cycle of bridging the gap between law firms, corporate counsel and law services companies. As we enter the innovation economy, now more than ever it is critical to cleary define the supply and demand of the legal eco-system. What do corporate and in-house counsel truly want, and are vendors able to meet those demands?

Women to Know
(and men too!)

Objective:  The primary purpose of Women to Know is to elevate and accelerate the careers and leadership of women in the legal industry through a series of live and virtual events, peer-to-peer advocacy, coaching, collaboration and shared lessons learned. Membership is open to senior law firm leaders in government, corporate and law firm practices worldwide. Working group members produce W2K worksheets/playbooks for future W2K Breakfast events.

Legal Workforce of the Future

Objective: It is clear that NextGen Legal technology and artificial intelligence are disrupting the careers of attorneys and allied professionals. The objective of this group is to recognize what type of talent will survive and thrive in this disruptive landscape.

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