Executive Career Opportunities

Executive Career Opportunities

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The Cowen Group:  Executive Recruiting, Specializing In Legal Technology

Since 2004, the Cowen Group has successfully placed over 500 legal executive professionals at 65 of the Am Law 200 and 125 of the Fortune 1000, as well as many top software vendors and service providers in the legal technology space including litigation support, eDiscovery, privacy and information governance executive positions across the United States and Europe. In an effort to support our staffing and recruiting business, the Cowen Group produces over fifty professional development breakfast and dinner workshops each year.  Our mission is to elevate and accelerate your legal technology career.



Houston – May 2nd

Dallas – May 3rd

Vegas – May 8th

Palo Alto – May 16th

San Francisco – May 17th

New York City – June 6th

Princeton, NJ –  June 7th

Cost Reduce or Value Increase

For those of us that live in the world of delivering legal services, there is a clear and growing demand for talent that has experiential knowledge and proven results with cost reduction or value creation. Personally and professionally, I’ve always preferred the world...
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From Now To Next

Do you have a great idea? An idea that will either save money for your firm or drive revenue? Aka bring value? An idea that will advance your career or expand your role, or even value to your department and organization? Are you waiting for management to give you the...
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You are What you Read

You are what you read…and in an effort to help our community accelerate their growth from Now to Next professionally, The Cowen Group has created The Cowen Book Club. Our March book club call will take place this Friday, March 3rd, at 1pm ET. The book we will be...
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LegalTech 2017: Market Leaders Pull Ahead

What you need to know from LegalTech aka Legal Week: There was no “Ah-Ha” moment to be found. eDiscovery is now officially a classic maturing market. There were more sessions on knowledge management and business management topics than there were in past years. The...
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AmLaw 200 eDiscovery Critical Trends Report: Pain Points, Solutions and Technology Investment Trends

75 of the AmLaw 200 participated in our eDiscovery Critical Trends Survey this year. Here are the top 5 takeaways. Top 3 Pain Points: Variety of data sources Institutional resistance to change Volume of data growth 2. eDiscovery workload is up at 78% of AmLaw. 3. 38%...
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Cowen Group’s Corporate eDiscovery Critical Trends Report

44 of the Fortune 500 participated in our Q1 survey. Here are the top 5 takeaways. Corporate Pain Points, Business Models and Technology Investment Priorities Corporate eDiscovery workload is up at 67% of the F-500. 77% of corporate counsel expect to increase their...
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The Cowen Group Announces the Launch of Their 2017 Q1 eDiscovery Critical Trends Survey

The Cowen Group announces the launch of their 2017 Q1 eDiscovery Critical Trends Survey. The purpose of this survey is to explore the top five eDiscovery challenges that corporate counsel will face in 2017 along with some of the evolving best practices to resolve...
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You are What you Read – My Top 4 of 2016

How many books did you read this year that had an impact on your professional development, family unity, communication or self-awareness? Are you clear on the impact of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, digital assistants and robotics on your career...
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Cowen Group Legal Artificial Intelligence Pop Quiz

Pop quiz: How many of the below Legal AI technologies are you familiar with? Neota Logic ROSS Seal Kira Systems Brainspace RAVN Riverview LAW Lex Machina Luminance NexLP Story Engine 2. What new business models are being advanced by companies such as: Dentons, DLA,...
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Legal AI – Innovation and Your Career. Who Are The New Leaders?

You need to be an active participant in your own career advancement! Would you like to know who 3 of the top 10 legal artificial intelligence technology leaders are? Would you like to know what new and evolving business models these technologies are helping to...
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  • Interview Guide 100%
  • Annual Salary Studies 100%
  • Custom Market Research 80%
  • Critical Trends Survey 100%
  • Market Landscape 70%