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The Cowen Group:  Executive Recruiting, Specializing In Legal Technology

Since 2004, the Cowen Group has successfully placed over 500 legal executive professionals at 65 of the Am Law 200 and 125 of the Fortune 1000, as well as many top software vendors and service providers in the legal technology space including litigation support, eDiscovery, privacy and information governance executive positions across the United States and Europe. In an effort to support our staffing and recruiting business, the Cowen Group produces over fifty professional development breakfast and dinner workshops each year.  Our mission is to elevate and accelerate your legal technology career.




May 12th-      Washington DC

May 17th-      Chicago


June 8th-        New York City

June 14th-      San Francisco

July 14th –      New York City


November 10th-   San Francisco

November 17th-   Chicago

December 8th-     Washington DC

December 15th-    New York City



New York City –     June 30,2016

Chicago –              July 21,2016

Washington DC –  August 4,2016


New York City –    September 15,2016

Chicago –              September 29,2016

Washington DC –  December 8, 2016



Washington DC –   May 11, 2016

Chicago –               May 17, 2016

New York City –      May 24, 2016


New York City –     June 7,2016

San Francisco –     June 13,2016

New York City –     June 29,2016

New York City –     July 13,2016

Chicago –               July 20,2016

Washington DC –    August 3,2016

New York City –      August 16, 2016


New York City –    September 14,2016

Chicago –              September 28,2016

2016 Market Landscape Survey to Launch May 10th

2016 Market Landscape Survey On May 11th The Cowen Group will launch a new Breakfast and Dinner series that will take a deep look at the impact of advanced legal software, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics on the delivery and procurement of legal...
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From Now to Next – Training Your Talent

From Now to Next – Training Your Talent If you are a leader in any field, chances are you have an advanced degree in FIO: “Figure it Out.” And, if you are a leader in Legal these days and part of the revolution and mash-up of privacy, security, governance and...
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How to Do More With The Same or Less – Do You Have a Plan?

How to Do More With The Same or Less – Do You Have a Plan? One of the top five challenges for executives everywhere, especially in Big Law and Corporate Law, is figuring out how to do more with the same talent and resources. As litigation and eDiscovery workloads...
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Grow Your Team, Grow Your Career

Grow Your Team, Grow Your Career We are at the beginning of a once in a-decade shift that is occurring in the business world right now. This movement is driven by smart data, analytics, robotics, machine learning, and super intelligence. Corporate Counsel, Law Firms,...
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How to Get From Now to Next in Your Career

How to Get From Now to Next in Your Career How many times have you been told that you need to have a career plan for your future? If you are like most professionals, you probably agree that creating a plan, setting forth your goals and actions for the future is a good...
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Government E-Discovery in an Election Year: People, Process & Technology

By Monica Bay With the upcoming 2016 elections looming, which will result in a change of federal leadership, it’s not surprising that even the most confident government e-discovery professional may be a bit queasy. With a new President enroute, it’s hard...
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What are you reading that’s influencing you right now?

Our Corporate Big Thinkers Dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday was a smash Walt Disney, Fox Entertainment,  Qualcomm, The California Department of Justice, CSC, and CB Richard Ellis. While our exchange of ideas was far reaching and diverse, here are the top takeaways:...
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Evolving Best Practices for Budgeting and Spending Proposals for E-Discovery Technology

“Evolving Best Practices for Budgeting and Spending Proposals for E-Discovery Technology” was the topic of the fourth LexisNexis Federal eDiscovery Think Tank event, led by David Cowen, President and Managing Director of The Cowen Group. The Think Tank was...
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What’s Next!

The number 1 question I get each year at ILTA – What’s Next? What’s next for my career, where is the demand for executive talent, who is hiring,  and where on the new and exciting executive roles. E discovery has matured over the last 5 years and...
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Governing the Government

With the explosion of Big Data, hacking and cybercrimes, government professions rethink document management.   By Monica Bay Like corporations and Big Law, the U.S. government has been front and center when it comes to e-discovery, privacy, and information management...
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  • Interview Guide 100%
  • Annual Salary Studies 100%
  • Custom Market Research 80%
  • Critical Trends Survey 100%
  • Market Landscape 70%